Gloss Theme for Flash Page Turning Book  v.1.0

Under the shining of light, some material like crystal, jewels, glass and so on will reflect with dazzling light, which is colorful and beautiful.

Kids piano B

High-quality student guitars for children. They have have small necks and soft nylon strings for easy playing and a beautiful high-gloss finish. Kids Guitar - 46 results like the Yamaha JR1 Mini Folk Guitar, Kid Guitar with Case, Kid Wood Guitar and Case,


Makeup Box - All your Favorite Makeups  v.

Makeup Box for WP7! Never again will you forget your favorite makeup brand or color you bought last time! Makeup Box has 14 Main Makeup categories and with over 50 subcategories for you to add and recall your favorite lip gloss, mascara, etc!

MagCAD - The magnetic field calculation software

MagCAD is a simple low-cost software tool for calculation (computation, modeling) of spatial distribution of the magnetic field created by permanent magnets and electric coils at presence of nonlinear ferromagnetic materials in cylindrically symmetrical

K3D Object Viewer  v.2. 1. 2001

The K3D Lightwave object viewer is an open source project under the LGPL license.This version supports significant performance improvements when loading objects with Lightwave sub-patches.

TribePrint  v.1 2

The FREE Tribe Printing Software is designed to make the process of printing your photographs and images onto Tribe products as easy as pie! - the software provides you with templates matching your tribe products ...

Accessory Software for CM-2600d  v.1.01.000

This software can be used to connect the Spectrophotometer CM-2500d / CM-2600d to a PC. Measurement data obtained with the Spectrophotometer can be output to an Excel spreadsheet or in text format.

ACORNS Sound Editor  v.1.0

With ACORNS Sound Editor, you can easily edit and record audio files, after the download, simply click to install and folow the instructions. Java version 1.5 or later is necessaray to execute this application.

Idade Gestacional  v.

Esta é uma ferramenta interessante tanto para futuras mamães e futuros papais, como para profissionais da área e estudiosos, pois além de trazer uma calculadora para calcular a idade gestacional baseada em diversos parâmetros,

Everyday Golf Coach  v.

Everyday Golf Coach, a BEST SELLING app on the iPhone and iPad, is now available on Windows Phone! 32 High quality videos that have been created purposely for use on your iphone by PGA Professional Noel Rousseau. From tee shots to sloping lies and

SuperBladePro for Mac OS X  v.1.82

SuperBladePro will give to the graphics a 3D look (it creates beveled edges and surface textures).

Dark Style Screensaver  v.6.2

You will always know exact time with our free clock screensaver. Ambient people will certainly notice your screen saver! Download and install it absolutely free. Just a couple of seconds and Dark Style screensaver is on your computer.

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